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Heder Lays Out "X-Men: Destiny"

With "X-Men: Destiny," Activision and Silicon Knights hope to create a very different kind of X-Men game. CBR News spoke with producer Doug Heder about what sets this game apart from prior efforts.

CBR Previews "X-Men: Destiny"

CBR previews the Mike Carey-scripted "X-Men: Destiny" which features an alternate timeline where Professor X is dead, Colossus leads the X-Men and Gambit heads up the villains. Plus, a look at the E3 trailer!

Carey Looks To Marvel U's Past and Future

Mike Carey spoke about "Thor: Wolves of the North," set during the Marvel Universe's Dark Ages and his two present day X-Men projects; the ongoing "X-Men: Legacy" and the upcoming video game "X-Men: Destiny."

NYCC: Marvel Video Games Panel

Marvel treated fans to a slew of footage from their upcoming games slate featuring Captain America, Thor and the X-Men at their video game centric panel. Also, George Takei as Galactus.

NYCC: "X-Men: Destiny" Teaser Trailer

Marvel Entertainment and Activision have released a teaser trailer for the recently announced "X-Men: Destiny" video game slated for release in fall of 2011 with a storyline written by longtime X-scribe Mike Carey.