X-Editor Nick Lowe swings by X-POSITION headquarters to answer your questions about the various X-books, the potential returns of old characters, travels in outer space, the redemption of Emma Frost, Utopia and more!

CCC09: X-Force

The creative team behind Marvel's "X-Force" -- Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Mike Choi -- shared with Chicago fans their experiences on the title as well as offer advice on breaking into comics and animation.

CCC09: X-Men Panel

At Sunday's X-Men panel at the Chicago Comic-Con, Marvel announced a new miniseries for the Captain Britain creative team, a new ongoing featuring Beast and S.W.O.R.D., and Wolverine and Thor teaming up for digital comics.

Last Hope: Swierczynski on Messiah War

With the opening shots of "Messiah War" having been fired, CBR News talks with "Cable" writer Duane Swierczynski about the story's early revelations, Deadpool and what it's like to be working on his first crossover.

NYCC: The X-Men Panel

CBR continues it's up to the minute coverage of NYCC with our report from Marvel's recently ended X-Men panel. Check here for all the news, teasers and, yes, even jokes from the panel, not to mention a massive art gallery.

EXCLUSIVE: Stryfe Returns in Messiah War

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at the cover of "X-Force" #14, featuring the return of Stryfe. Written by Chris Yost & Craig Kyle with art by Clayton Rain, this issue goes on sale in April.

X-POSITION: Christopher Yost

Writer Christopher Yost gives his 'shift' key a %$&*ing workout as he answers your questions about "X-Men: Kingbreaker" and "X-Force." Plus exclusive artwork from both series, all in this week's X-POSITION.

Vanished: Yost Talks X-Force

CBR speaks with “X-Force” co-writer Christopher Yost about the hit series' first arc and discuss the next storyline, “Old Ghosts,” which pits the clandestine mutant hit squad against the old X-Men foe known as the Vanisher.

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