WW Philly: A View From The Floor

From what attractions drew the biggest crowds to what projects creators are working up, CBR has the full scoop on comings and goings at Wizard World in Philadelphia last weekend.

WW Philly: Marvel: Your Universe

Marvel's Your Universe panel took place Sunday afternoon at WW Philly and was a relaxed affair, with Tom Brevoort asking and answering questions from the crowd and Dan Slott leading everyone in a game of Marvel hangman.

WW Philly: Comics Are For Kids Too!

Sunday afternoon saw a gathering of some of the biggest names in kid-friendly comics for a discussion and Q&A regarding the topic and challenge of creating comic books with a younger audience in mind.

WW Philly: Gage Unleashes War Machine

Christos Gage will pen a three-issue "Secret Invasion" arc on "Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D" beginning with #33. This story is complete with a special warning for the Skrulls to watch out for War Machine.

WW Philly: Top Cow Panel

The Top Cow panel at Wizard World Philly was a treat for fans of the publisher, with Ron Marz, Nelson Blake and other Cow luminaries sharing news about new series, "Pilot Season," not to mention Top Cow's first all-ages title.

WW Philly: Vertigo Comics Panel

The Vertigo panel at Wizard World Philly saw Editor Bob Schreck and Adam Phillips discuss the imprint's current and future projects including a hint at some possible Michael Kaluta work.

WW Philly: Aspen Comics Panel

The Aspen Comics panel at Wizard World Philly was a relaxed affair, with panel members treating the audience to behind the scenes stories, an update on Michael Turner's health and sneak peeks at upcoming projects.

WW Philly: Cup O' Joe Panel

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada gave his latest Cup O' Joe panel at Wizard World Philly this Saturday afternoon, talking about "Marvel Zombies 3," Art Adams on "Hulk," "The Stand" coming to Marvel and more.

WW Philly: Legends of Comics

Wizard World Philly attendees spent Saturday morning hearing stories from Chris Claremont, Peter David, Tom Brevoort and Greg Hildebrandt at the aptly named Legends of Comics panel. UPDATED

WW Philly: DCU: Crisis Now!

CBr's Live coverage of the DCU: Crisis Now! panel at WW Philly is over, but we still have all the news about upcoming DCU events, plans for new series, the fates of various characters and teams and more.

WW Philly: Dynamite Entertainment

This morning's Dynamite panel at WW Philly featured news about new "The Boys" merchandise, more "Battlestar Galactica," a new "Blackbeard" series from the creators of "The Blair Witch Project" and more.

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