WW Chicago: Avatar Press

Editor-in-Chief William Christiansen chugged Red Bull and teased 2009 at Avatar's hung-over Sunday morning congregation in Chicago, where he told fans to expect new work from Alan Moore next year.

WW Chicago: DC's Sunday Conversation

DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio along with other DC staffers met with fans last Sunday to discuss their mutual love of comics, touching on longtime faves and recent controversies, including "Death of the New Gods."

WW Chicago: Heard it Through the Bovine

There was a lot of mooing at the Top Cow panel: "Dragon Prince," a half-boy, half- dragon from Ron Marz, the wild success of "Wanted," a Marc Silvestri art book and Witchblade on your phone!

WW Chicago - The Image Founders Panel

The original founders of Image Comics (minus one Jim Lee) met at WizardWorld Chicago this past Saturday afternoon to tell stories, reflect on the past and give some hints of future projects.

WW Chicago: Wildstorm: World's End

A laid-back panel led by Wildstorm Comics editor Shannon Denton and featuring several Wildstorm creators gave WizardWorld Chicago ettendees a look ahead to the end of the world and beyond.

WW Chicago: Lucasfilm's "Star Wars" Panel

It's a big year for Star Wars fans with the "Clone Wars" television series and "The Force Unleashed" video game coming this fall. On Saturday at WW Chicago, Lucasfilm gave fans a glimpse of what's in store for both projects

WW Chicago: The Dynamite Comics Panel

Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are set take on the She-Devil with a sword, Phil Hester is ready to write "Masquerade" and Dynamite announced plans to reprint every issue of "2000 AD"

WW Chicago: Tony Daniel Spotlight

Fans attending WizardWorld Chicago got the chance to get the scoop on DC Comics' "Batman R.I.P." from the storyline's penciller himself, Tony Daniel, at his panel this past Saturday night.

Remembering Michael Turner: Jeph Loeb

Jeph Loeb often found himself working with Michael Turner, who provided the visuals for "Superman/Batman" for Supergirl's return to the DCU. Loeb shared some thoughts with CBR News about the passing of his friend.

WW Chicago: Cup O' Bendis

Circumcising pickles, getting backed up on "BSG" and catching heck from Jim McCann, creative whirlwind Brian Michael Bendis teased and announced and generally had a blast with Todd McFarlane's sandwiches.

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