WC13: Ann Nocenti Spotlight

In a panel moderated by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, veteran writer and editor Ann Nocenti discuss her days on the '80s Marvel staff and her work on "Catwoman," "Katana," "Daredevil," "Longshot" and more.

WC13: DC Comics' The New 52 Panel

DC Comics gathered a number of its top movers and shapers of the New 52 for its WonderCon 2013 panel to discuss upcoming developments and story lines for its premiere line of comics.

WC13: Mark Waid's Thrillbent Panel

The WonderCon panel for Mark Waid's webcomics venture Thrillbent featured information on the website's upcoming redesign and a look at a number of new titles in development.

WC13: Spotlight on Brent Anderson

Legendary artist Brent Anderson looked back on his career in comics, from the earliest days as the artist on Marvel's "Ka-Zar the Savage" through today's "Astro City" work and more.

WC13: Spotlight on James Robinson

James Robinson took fan questions during his spotlight panel at WonderCon 2013, diving into the inner workings of "Earth 2," hinting at a crossover with the main DCU in 2014 and more

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