WC12: Photo Parade, Part 2

CBR wraps up its WonderCon 2012 photo parades with more pics from the show including Hollywood celebrities, comic pros and cosplayers, cosplayer, cosplayers!

WC12: Hollywood and Comics Collide

Comic books have become easy targets for Hollywood film adaptations and a panel of experts assembled at WonderCon 2012 to discuss the relationship between the film and comic industries.

WC12: Photo Parade, Part 1

WonderCon is a memory, but the images from the show will live on forever in CBR's traditional Photo Parade! From pros at panels to cosplayers in the aisles, CBR brings you the sights and spectacle from Anaheim, CA.

Break Out The New

In the wake of a full slate of WonderCon announcements, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso discusses his big plans for everything from the Ultimate U to Captain Marvel and more.

WC12: Fiona Staples Spotlight Panel

"Saga" artist Fiona Staples took the stage at WonderCon, showcasing some of her newest art, the process behind illustrating "Saga" and answering fan questions about her career.

WC12: Tieri Launches "Space: Punisher"

Frank Tieri outlines his plans for "Space: Punisher," in which a re-imagined Frank Castle takes on a mysterious space mafia, Hulk as a cosmic Moby Dick, and the dangerous Avengers Federation.

WC12: Jim Lee Spotlight Panel

During his WonderCon spotlight panel, Jim Lee took fans through his creative process, shed light on redesigning the DCU and promised to remember to draw Wonder Woman's heeled boots in future issues of "Justice League."

WC 12: DC Nation Panel

Producers from "Green Lantern: The Animated Series," "Young Justice" and the "DC Nation" animated shorts preview upcoming episodes and talk about what's ahead for their shows.

WC12: Spotlight on Joe Hill

Joe Hill spoke about his work on IDW's "Locke & Key" and "The Cape" at WonderCon during a spotlight panel and also shared details about his two upcoming novels.

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