wonder of wonders

In this installment of STAR-SPANGLED PANTIES, the marketing of Wonder Woman to the mainstream public, specifically little girls, is explored and the lack of readily available Wonder-paraphernalia is lamented upon.

In the latest installment of AMAZONS ATTACK, Mars Goetsian focuses on Phillipus and her unique role as the only Amazon - other than Wonder Woman or Hippolyta - to continually appear in the comics over the last two decades.

WONDER OF WONDERS closes out 2009 with a new edition of WAR & PEACE in which Robert Jones Jr. takes a look at the problematic history and various incarnations of Nubia (or Nu'Bia), also referred to as "the black Wonder Woman."

Throughout Wonder Woman's history, her Amazonian sisters have been a major part of the heroine's story, but in this edition of WONDER OF WONDERS, Martin Gray explores the idea that sometimes you can have too many warrior women.

In this week's STAR-SPANGLED PANTIES, the concept of godhood in the DC Universe is examined, and some potential guidelines are laid down in order to help readers differentiate between superheroes and true gods.

This week's installment of WAR & PEACE takes a look through Wonder Woman's vast array of weaponry, armor and equipment and answers the age old question: where does she get all those wonderful toys?

This week's WONDER OF WONDERS takes a look at Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's sometimes secret identity, and argues that the long ignored civilian persona is mandatory for the Amazonian princess' mental well-being.

This installment of AMAZONS ATTACK takes a look at Marston's original Wonder Woman themes of bondage and submission, and explains how those words probably don't mean quite what you think they do when referring to the Amazon princess.

In this week's new installment of STAR SPANGLED PANTIES, Carol A. Strickland takes a look at Wonder Woman's constantly evolving wardrobe over the decades, from it's practical origins to today's more provocative look.

Andy Mangels explores the 12 Triumphs of Wonder Woman Day, the annual all-ages event benefiting victims of domestic violence. Wonder Woman Day takes place this Sunday in Portland and New Jersey, and fans can bid on original art online.

The latest installment of WAR AND PEACE looks at Wonder Woman's fluctuating powers and power levels and examines how different creators have dealt with them over the history of the character, from Marston to Perez and beyond.

It's time for another installment of AMAZONS ATTACK, but this time we're looking at a non-Amazonian character. Mars Getsoian explains why Circe may just be the most formidable and complex Wonder Woman villain of them all.

Wonder Woman's boyfriend,Steve Trevor was one of the most brilliant concept of the Golden Age, so why is it equally brilliant that he's not longer the Amazon's love interest in current continuity? Carol A. Strickland spells it out.

This edition of WONDER OF WONDERS explores Wonder Woman's rogues gallery, offering up thoughts and ideas on why they may not be seen as heavy hitters in the DCU and how to change that perception with a few simple tweaks.

In this week's column, we look at the cast of the Wonder Woman Universe, both Amazonian and otherwise; who the characters are and how they've developed, how they fit into Diana's universe and, on a meta level, into ours as well.

Carol A. Strickland joins CBR for a Friday edition of WONDER OF WONDERS to examine the convoluted history of Wonder Woman and provide her thoughts on how to clean it up while simultaneously building up and strengthening the character.

In this installment of WONDER OF WONDERS, guest writer Robert Jones Jr. takes a look at "Secret Six" #13, it's imagery and underlying themes and what it all means when examined alongside Wonder Woman's mythology.