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When It Works, It's #$*&ing Awesome

Daniel Way explains his DIY spirit, how it nearly destroyed his house while his daughter was being born, and how it all ties back into his approach to writing "Wolverine: Origins."

Marvel Comics On Sale March 31, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday, March 31, including "Cloak and Dagger" #1, "Dark Wolverine" #84, "She-Hulk Sensational," and more!

Daniel Way Faces "Origins'" End

The third chapter in "Wolverine: Origins'" penultimate storyline, "7 the Hard Way," is in stores now, and CBR News spoke with writer Daniel Way about both it and "Reckoning," the next and final arc of the series.

Daniel Way Talks Wolverine(s)

Wolverine and his son Daken's quests to kill Romulus coming to a head, CBR News sat down with writer Daniel Way to discuss recent and future events in Marvel's "Wolverine: Origins" and "Dark Wolverine."

X-POSITION: Daniel Way

In this week's all-new X-POSITION, writer Daniel Way answers your questions about Wolverine, Daken, and Deadpool, and previews exclusive art from "Deadpool" #9 and "Wolverine: Origins" #34!

X-Position: Best Question Ever

In this week's X-POSITION, X-editors Axel Alonso, Nick Lowe, John Barber and Will Panzo preview exclusive artwork from "X-Men: Original Sin," "Wolverine: Origins" #27 and more and answer the best question ever.

Mike Carey & Daniel Way's "Dark Deception"

One of Charles Xavier's biggest mistakes comes looking for him in September's "Dark Deception," a multipart crossover between "X-Men: Legacy" and "Wolverine: Origins." We spoke writer Mike Carey about the storyline.

WW Philly: Mondo Marvel Panel

We've wrapped up our live coverage of the Mondo Marvel panel at Wizard World Philadelphia which featured news on "Deadpool," "Wolverine: Origins," the latest X-News and much more. Updated