wolverine max

Cover of the Week - April 17

This week, Matt Murdock goes down for the count, "WTF" reveals the Emerald Empress, Logan loves L.A., B.P.R.D. experiences a cold day in hell and the Shadow knows... how to wear a logo.

Cover of the Week - February 20

This week, Kate Kane is triumphant, Carol Danvers is wistful, "Locke & Key" is photogenic, Nova is space-bound and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt as Kevin and Steve bring you the Cover of the Week.

Jason Starr Takes Wolverine To The "MAX"

Writer Jason Starr spoke with CBR about the October debut of "Wolverine MAX" and how his crime novel background helps him amp up the violence, psychology and emotion of a story where Logan faces down Sabretooth with all-new rules.