IMAGE EXPO: Top Cow: We Create...

Marc Silvestri, Filip Sablik and Matt Hawkins answered questions and revealed new projects fans can look forward to in 2012, including a Darkness-themed Colt handgun, the future of the Top Cow Universe and more.

Tearing Down to Build Up

Prompted by Lego destruction, Ron Marz examines the challenge of playing with someone else's toys when doing work-for-hire, and the balance between reverence and innovation.

The 5 Ws and Comics

Ron goes all the way back to his college days to discuss the journalism principles that inform his comics writing -- the 5 Ws -- and how they pertain especially to #1 issues.

Image Comics On Sale August 31, 2011

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive first looks at new comics on sale this Wednesday, August 31, including the latest from "Witchblade," "Skullkickers," "Butcher Baker" and more!

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