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Legendary Hollywood writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell passed away last month and George Khoury remembers him by presenting an interview about one of his most beloved creations, "The Greatest American Hero."

Katt, Folino & Pare Talk "Sparks" Motion Comic

CBR talks to "Sparks" co-creators Chris Folino & William Katt and voice actor Michael Pare about translating the print version of "Sparks" into a motion comic for the iPhone, and the changing face of the comics industry. UPDATED with trailer!

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: William Katt

Television's "Greatest American Hero," William Katt, visits the CBR Yacht to discuss the renewed interest in the popular '80s series, the upcoming comics and his own comics publishing company, Catastrophic Comics.

CCI: "The Greatest American Hero"

The cast of the classic '80s series reunites in public for the first time in twenty-five years to talk about the original show, the new comic book, an animated Internet series and the prospect of a feature film.

"Greatest American Hero" Reborn at Comic-Con

This Thursday at Comic-Con, the original stars of the TV show "Greatest American Hero" will assemble to discuss the new comic series. We've got the info, an exclusive look at the poster and teaser trailer for ya!