Diane Nelson Talks DC's Changes

The President of DC Entertainment speaks with CBR News about today's changes from the fate of WildStorm to the future of a digital team in Burbank and more.

Edginton Takes on "Kane & Lynch"

With the second issue of WildStorm's "Kane & Lynch" series hitting store shelves this week, CBR spoke with writer Ian Edginton about what makes the main characters so much fun.

Ethan Van Sciver Sings the Blues

At Wizard's Chicago Con, Ethan Van Sciver serenaded fans with songs about body odor and Star Trek, while officially announcing the return of Cyberfrog and discussing the creation of horror villains in "Green Lantern."

Is An Authority Movie In The Works?

Recounting Saturday's Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony and subsequent Governor's Ball, cartoonist Dean Haspiel mentions that Castle star Stana Katic is in talks to appear "in a movie version of Warren Ellis' The Authority." Is it possible that Warner Bros. is quietly setting up an adaptation of the influential superhero series?

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