What we learned at San Diego this year about the future of comics; the best Big Event series of the summer... so far; reimagining the Crimson Avenger; Odysseus, the Spirit that should have been, movies and lots more this week.

CCI: Wildstorm Brewing

There's clouds on the horizon, and much change is coming to Wildstorm Comics. CBR News was on hand to capture all of the forecasts and precipitation on a Saturday evening with free TPBs handed out to questioners.

WW Chicago: Wildstorm: World's End

A laid-back panel led by Wildstorm Comics editor Shannon Denton and featuring several Wildstorm creators gave WizardWorld Chicago ettendees a look ahead to the end of the world and beyond.


DC imprint WildStorm Productions is running wild on MySpace while the wily veteran Stan Lee pulls a Dale Carnegie by winning friends and influencing people on the nation’s most trafficked website.

-- The Lost "Gen13/Batman" Story

George Khoury offers up another "Land of the Los," tale, a look at comic projects that never happened. This week, he presents a conversation with J. Scott Campbell about the never realized "Gen13/Batman" cross-over.

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