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LBCC: Felicia Day Forms "The Guild"

Felicia Day & the cast of her popular web series "The Guild" spoke at Long Beach Comic Con about a possible season six, the essence of Wil Wheaton's walk, and the show's most ambitious season yet.

ECCC: "The Guild" Panel

A raucous hour of questions and answers with cast members from the hit webseries "The Guild" saw ECCC attendees learn about the inner workings of the show, the latest comic series and the future of independent media.

CCI: "The Guild" Panel

Creator Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and the cast of "The Guild" treated fans to an inspired "Bollywood" musical number and talked about season four of their popular web series at Comic-Con.

The Bravest & Boldest: Wil Wheaton

The former "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor and superstar blogger steps into Batman's world, giving his take on classic Blue Beetle Ted Kord in this week's new episode of "Batman: The Brave & The Bold."

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