where the hell am i

Heaven In Aviles

Jason Aaron knows exactly Where the Hell he is as the writer discusses his recent trip to Aviles to attend a one-of-a-kind comics festival, drink and eat with fans and chat with Alan Moore's wife, Melinda Gebbie.

Playing Games with Rick Remender

Jason interviews another subject in the form of "Uncanny X-Force" writer Rick Remender to grill him about writing for video games like "Bulletstorm" and how it informs his comics work.

Talking Shop with Cullen Bunn

Jason kicks things into interview mode this week as he has a conversation with "The Sixth Gun" creator Cullen Bunn about his recent transition into the world of full-time freelance comic book writing.

Wanna Hear A Secret...?

This week, Jason Aaron fills readers in on a secret that should be obvious to all aspiring comics creators, yet manages to slip by some of them nonetheless in their quest to become pros.

Know Where You're Going

This week's WHERE THE HELL AM I topic covers something particularly important for aspiring writers who want to tell long-form stories: Always know how your story ends before you begin to write it.

Writers Are Always Writing

This week, Jason Aaron gives a crash course in the wheres and whens a writer should practice their chosen profession. The short answer: write anywhere and everywhere, all the time.

Random Bits from the Mailbag

Jason Aaron returns with an all new installment of WHERE THE HELL AM I, answering reader questions and offering advice to aspiring comics writers and beard enthusiasts alike.

Write Like Your Parents are Dead

This week, Jason Aaron offers aspiring writers a simple piece of advice necessary for anyone who wishes to improve their scripting chops -- Write like your parents are dead.

Be From Somewhere

Jason Aaron returns with words of wisdom for writers young and old, advise that can be distilled into one simple statement: Don't be afraid to be from somewhere. Plus, a portrait of a (beardless) young writer!

A Writer's Best Friend

Jason dives into the mailbag this week to answer a question regarding storytelling decisions and how a writer can best craft a tale to the strengths of the artist or artists thay're working with on the project.

Sometimes It Sucks

This week, Jason puts into words the difficulties that can pop up and derail a day's worth of writing, from distractions that knock you off course to not saving the perfect idea you have right before bed and more.

Jason Aaron shares a few words on the importance of location, location, location, explaining how becoming a part of your local comic book community can help aspiring and professional creators in their careers.

This week, Jason looks at his comic book collection, decides that this is the best era for quality comics in the history of the medium, offers his favorite series being published today and asks for your picks.

This week, Jason Aaron explains why he's perfectly happy to be writing "Wolverine" alongside "Scalped" and why he feels corporate vs. creator owned comics is the wrong battle to choose in today's comics industry.

Jason Aaron is joined by some of his comic book friends to illustrate the importance of having your own work space when you live a freelancer's life, be it a room in your house, an office park rental or something else.

Responding to a controversial quote from "Black Swan" director Darren Aronofsky, Jason provides some solid advice for screenwriters looking to bring their scripts to comics with a ten-point checklist of things to look out for.

Jason tackles a less controversial topic this week, turning to the WHERE THE HELL AM I? mailbag to answer a reader question with tips on self-management for aspiring writers, especially those who are full-time parents.

Jason Aaron rings in the new year with good wishes for friends and fans and a message for Alan Moore in response to the legendary writer's comments last year about the state of comics and talent level of modern creators.

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