when worlds collide

The Brandon Thomas Interview

Tim talks with "Voltron" and "Miranda Mercury" writer Brandon Thomas about his experiences adding emotional depth to a literal cartoon character, his tendency to jump around in time, and the future.

"Voltron" Revisited

Tim checks in on the new "Voltron" comics from writer Brandon Thomas and finds more to like in those glossy pages than in any episodes of the still-surprisingly-fondly-remembered animated series.

Justice League Digital

Tim boots up the old iPad for a fantastic voyage into the land of digital-first comics, and sets his sights on a familiar crew of characters from a not-too-distant-future in "Justice League Beyond."

This week, Tim reports on his adventures at this year's New York Comic Con, featuring tales of tragedy and thrills aplenty. Mainly thrills surrounded by mild annoyance. And the genius of Grant Morrison, on film.