when words collide

In preparing to talk about Robert Kirkman's fascinating X-Men comics, Tim reflects on the way the Ultimate universe diverged from its original intent and how it has influenced mainstream Marvel comics today.

Tim looks back on some of the important - and not-so-important - events of 2010, offering his perspective on everything from digital comics to "Shadowland" to "Brightest Day" to Frank Santoro's sense of Fusion.

Tim gives his rankings for the Best Comics of 2010 and talks about why Deadpool and Wolverine stories made the list along with work by the likes of Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Grant Morrison, Brecht Evens and others.

This week, Tim concludes his look at Howard Chaykin's formative Cody Starbuck comics, exploring the combination of swashbuckling adventure, virtuoso storytelling and the passionate energy of punk.

Tim looks back at the early work of Howard Chaykin this week as he explores the roguish Romanticism of the latter days of "Weird Worlds" and Ironwolf and the beginnings of the revolutionary "Star*Reach."

Tim makes his list and checks it twice to see what's worth buying for you and your loved ones this season. With upcoming books, old favorites and even a game or two, this is the shopping list you've been waiting for.

As Grant Morrison kicks off a new phase in the Batman franchise, Tim looks back at the writer's years on the character, reflects on what worked and what didn't, and debates the run with guest comics expert Matt Seneca!

Tim looks at Nick Spencer's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents relaunch and compares it to the glory days of the series, when men were men, superspies were duplicitous, and sexy women dressed head-to-toe in suits of armor.

This week, Timothy tackles five burning questions, including what's the deal with Doctor Hurt? How does "Casanova" fare in color? What are the five most underrated comic book series of all time? All this and more!

In this week's WHEN WORDS COLLIDE, Timothy reflects on some old-school literary theory and how it applies to an important little piece of crime fiction by the always-impressive Darwyn Cooke.

Tim is thinking about Best of the Year material and this double-header from PictureBox was a great way to begin with new works from C. F. and Brian Chippendale, featuring bizarre fantasy worlds and the post-apocalypse.

Tim takes a close look at one of the best stories of the year - and maybe the best Wolverine story ever - from Marvel's "Strange Tales II" anthology by the amazingly multi-talented Rafael Grampa.

This week, Tim reflects briefly on the Adam West "Batman" television show before going in-depth on the topic in a conversation with Jim Beard, editor of the upcoming anthology, "Gotham City 14 Miles."

In light of last week's news about the shuttering of Wildstorm, Tim takes a look back at all the goodness from the DC Comics imprint from over the years and lists the Twenty Best Wildstorm Comics of All Time.

In this week's WHEN WORDS COLLIDE, Tim finds himself lost in a forgotten classic as he explores the early days of the legendary Howard Chaykin and a bounty hunter with a heart of, well, certainly not gold.

This week, Tim finally continues his discussion with incoming "Detective Comics" scribe Scott Snyder as the two get to the good stuff: exactly why it is Grant Morrison comics are so important.

With the Scott Snyder conversation on hold for yet another week, Tim takes the time to delve into some of the earliest work of Grant Morrison and finds out what Abraxas, Batman, Superman and Doctor Who have in common.

Scott Snyder: From Vegas to Gotham

This week, Tim spoke with writer-on-the-rise Scott Snyder about vampire vacations in Vegas and the the grim greatness of Gotham City as they look behind the scenes on Snyder's upcoming run on "Detective Comics."

This week, Timothy delves deeply into Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's "Planetary" #7, reflecting on the landmark issue's Vertigo influence and explaining what it all means.

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