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Dialogue with Walt Simonson, Pt. 2

Tim concludes his discussion with legendary "Thor" writer/artist Walt Simonson as they talk about alter-egos, teaching, the lessons of history and how to use reality to make better comics.

Revisiting "The Comics Journal"

Tim avoids talking directly about 'Secret Warriors' by digressing on early issues of 'The Comics Journal,' back in the days when creators spoke their minds, even when that led to kicking and screaming.

Nick Fury Ain't No Lee Marvin

Tim digs into Jonathan Hickman's "Secret Warriors" and talks about Nick Fury, Brian Michael Bendis and where the lies, conspiracies, double-crosses and other spy-goodness in the Marvel Universe all began.

MoCCA 2011

Tim returns from MoCCA Fest 2011 with thoughts on comics and comic book art, and he highlights two special purchases from this year's show: "Liar's Kiss" and "1001."

Tim and Graeme McMillan conclude their two-part discussion about "Legends," "Millennium" and "Invasion!" by asking questions about the lasting legacy of these series and quoting from the sacred book of Steve Englehart.

The Post-Crisis Event Horizon

In preparation for this season's Marvel and DC crossover events, Tim and special guest Graeme McMillan discuss the glory days of event books from years past: "Legends," "Millennium" and "Invasion!"

Tim looks back on recent trends and talks about sword and sorcery comics then and now while highlighting the best of the new breed of "Gamer Comics" from the likes of Nate Simpson, John Rogers and more.

With the first "iZombie" collection hitting stores this week, Tim looks back on Chris Roberson's work on the series and contrasts it with his first major story: "Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love."

This week, Tim talks with Cody Walker, editor of "Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide," about all things Warren Ellis. But they mostly end up chatting about "Planetary" and its importance in the history of comics.

Tim considers narrative voice in mainstream comics and comes up with five thoughts that may redefine the way we look at the relationship between art and writing. Or maybe it's just an excuse to write about the Hulk...

"Farenheit 451," Comics & Me

After a recent rereading of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451," Tim ponders what it all means in this fast-paced world of the 21st century, and why it conjures up thoughts on "Scalped" and "Deadpool MAX."

Tim and Ryan K. Lindsay conclude their month-long exploration into the major runs that have made "Daredevil" so special, or not-so-special, in the pre-Marvel Knights era. This week: Nocenti, Chichester and more.

This week, Tim continues THE DAREDEVIL DIALOGUES with Ryan K. Lindsay. In part 3, they talk about the topic everyone has been waiting for: Frank Miller's Daredevil. Is it really as good as its reputation?

Tim continues THE DAREDEVIL DIALOGUES with Ryan K. Lindsay as they look at the Roy Thomas run on the character, analyze the move to San Francisco and explain why Steve Gerber is one of the best ever.

Tim begins a lengthy look at Daredevil with the help of CBR reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay. From Stan Lee to Ann Nocenti and Ed Brubaker, they discuss the essentials of the Man Without Fear in "The Daredevil Dialogues."

Tim concludes his look at Robert Kirkman's X-Men by considering the subtle genius of a Wolverine from the future and exploring how Kirkman breaks the Professor X vs. Magneto pattern with the help of Yanick Paquette.

This week, Timothy continues his look back at Robert Kirkman's run on Ultimate X-Men, explaining how everything isn't always what it seems, and shows how everything can be undone by a little magic.

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