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Playing Kirby: The Dynamite Problem

Tim takes aim at the shortfalls of Dynamite's "Kirby: Genesis" project and points to what makes post-Kirby projects succeed or fail. How does the first issue of the upcoming "Silver Star" series fare?

Reflections on NYCC 2011

Tim returns to take a belated look at the New York Comic Con, placing into context what it feels like to be a comic book reader these days, when everything new is old again.

Tim talks with Johnny Ryan about the new volume of "Prison Pit" and gets into the important questions about narrative and craft, Captain Bligh and "Powr Mastrs" and the benefits of improvisation.

Of Art & Aardvarks

Tim returns from a comic shop discount bin hunt with reports of his findings, and the forces of Cerebus the Aardvark converge to plan reading schedule this month.

Going Retro

Tim takes a look at a few attempts to reclaim the past, from DC's Retroactive line to the latest installment of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" series.

Conspiracy of the Universe

Tim reflects on some of the major announcements from San Diego, finally reads "The Sixth Gun," praises Francesco Francavilla and sprinkles in the wisdom of William Gibson and Samuel R. Delany.

Revisiting the New Mutants

Tim comes back from some time away with the New Mutants to share the life lessons he takes from the 100 issues of the original series, by the likes of Chris Claremont, Bill Sienkiewicz and Rob Liefeld.

The Best of 2011 - So Far!

As we close in on the halfway point for 2011, Tim looks back on the best comics of the year (so far), and identifies ten that stand out, including "iZombie," "Nonplayer," "Superboy," and "Scalped."

Joe Casey's "Vengeance" -- Part 2

Tim concludes his discussion with Joe Casey as they get to the important questions, like, "What are some things that actually happen in 'Vengeance'" and "where does Butcher Baker fit in?"

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