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Marvel's Augmented Reality

Tim winds up with an unexpected sneak peek at Marvel's new Augmented Reality thanks to the premature release of "AvX" #1. Is Marvel AR a great bonus feature for readers or a failed attempt at enhancing comic books?

Before They Were Famous: "X-Men" #66

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS returns, this time spotlighting the pre-Claremont-era "X-Men" #66, when men were men, women were girls, Hulks were green and Professor Xavier's students faced certain cancellation.

Ennis' "Shadow" Script Review

Tim takes a look at the script for Garth Ennis' "The Shadow" #1 from Dynamite and provides a spoiler-free review of the opening issue along with some reflections on the influence of Howard Chaykin and Orson Welles.

Ninjas, Dinosaurs, Comics & More

"Ninjasaur" creator Jason Horn talks with Tim about the behind-the-scenes origin of the world's deadliest dinosaur ninja and how a man with a graphic design degree and a comic book dream gets his ideas into the world.

The Top 10 Comics of 2011

Tim counts down his list of Top 10 Comics of 2011, highlighting great books from the past year like "Deadpool MAX,"" Casanova," "Xombi" and seven others.

The New 52 First Quarter Review

Tim looks at the first three months of DC's New 52, explaining why "Wonder Woman" is the best, how some Batman titles are better than others and why Jeff Lemire and Alberto Ponticelli's take on "Frankenstein" is so interesting.

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