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Before They Were Famous: "Batman" #403

Tim brings us back before Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli redefined Batman's origin and two relatively young creators took a shot at exploring the inner conflict of Bruce Wayne in Before They Were Famous: "Batman" #403.

The Secret Origin Of Oily Comics

Tim visited the headquarters of Oily Comics to discover the secret origin of Charles Forsman, his ever-expanding minicomics empire and how he became next year's Fantagraphics overnight success story.

Best Comics of 2012 (So Far)

Tim looks back on a strong crop of comics already released this year and names his Top 10 So Far, with great work from Jonathan Hickman, Ryan North, Alan Moore, Brandon Graham and many more!

Notes From HeroesCon 2012

Tim visits Heroes Con for the first time, sells a few books and learns four important lessons about the likes of Geof Darrow, David Marquez, Ben Marra, and "Adventure Time."

Revisiting MoCCA Fest 2012

Tim returns from MoCCA Fest 2012 with a pile of worthwhile new comics, including work by Josh Simmons, Katie Skelly, Pat Aulisio, Josh Burggraf and the absent-but-always-impressive Benjamin Marra.

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