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The Ten Best Comics of 2012

Tim reveals his TOP 10 COMICS OF 2012, featuring the work of Matt Fraction, Alan Moore, Michael DeForge, Ryan North, and many other top comic book talents to today.

Six Comics Worth Your Time

This week, Tim checks out some new first issues of comics that are completely worth your time to check out from talents like Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, Brandon Graham, Zack Soto, Kathryn Immonen and more!

Eleven Comics from Brooklyn

Tim returns from the 2012 Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival with a stack of books and he highlights some interesting work from Michael DeForge, Ben Marra, Joe Kessler, Michel Fiffe and more.

The Top 10 List to Top All Top 10s

In response to a reader question, Tim takes a step back from the crush of current comics to reflect on what would make his All-Time Top 10 comics list. Can Kirby, Moore and Giffen make the cut?

Wally Wood and "Barack Hussein Obama"

Tim takes a look at two new books from Fantagraphics and explores the artistic recontextualization of Wally Wood alongside the sketchbook-come-to-life that is Steven Weissman's "Barack Hussein Obama."

Revisiting Goodwin & Simonson's "Alien"

Tim looks back on a few prominent movie adaptations from the height of 'Heavy Metal' magazine and finds a lot to love in the new reprinting of Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson's "Alien: The Illustrated Story."

Weighing In On DC's Zero Month

Tim has read every last one of DC Comics' Zero Issues this month and he reflects on the past year of the New 52. Is he impressed with the magnificent quality or disappointed by what he finds?

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