when words collide

Celebrating Free RPG Day

Tim reflects on the extradimensional invasion that never was as he contrasts the quiet-but-spectacular successes of Free RPG Day with the weird misalignment that happens with the better-known Free Comic Book Day.

10 Other Men of Steel

In this, the week of Superman-mania, Tim casts his view sideways in order to identify the Top 10 Not-Quite-Supermen in the history of comics.

A Crippled Bat(man) Doesn't Fly

Last week, Tim caught up with some comic book reading. Today, he discusses what he discovered, including some classic Batman stories, "Uncanny Avengers," "FF," "Happy" and more.

"Age of Ultron" Vs the DC Universe

Tim reflects on Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's "Age of Ultron" and its time travel conceit, pitting the series's intricacies and plot against the empty history of DC Comics' New 52.

After They Were Famous: "Superman" #23

In this week's installment of WHEN WORDS COLLIDE, Timothy Callahan looks at Mike Mignola, Roger Stern and P. Craig Russell's "Superman" #23, the issue following the end of John Byrne's run on the Man of Steel.

Tales from Fabletown and Beyond

Tim returns from Minnesota with tales of role-playing and camaraderie, stories of Mythic Fiction and the pleasures of good company. This is no mere convention report. This is Fabletown and Beyond.

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