Big Bang Theory + 21 = Whales

What if the socially awkward nerds from The Big Bang Theory decided to try and use their knowledge to win the World Series of Poker? Well, the answer to that is at the heart of new Showtime series Whales, from the people behind the cable channel's hit Weeds.

Weeds Grows For A Seventh Season

Showtime is fortifying its programming future not just with new endeavors like Homeland, but also some old favorites as well. The network has renewed the Mary Louise Parker-starring Weeds for a seventh season, ensuring that domestic drug dealer Nancy Botwin has at least one more year before her dangerous lifestyle finally gets the better of her.

CCI: 'The Anti-Heroes Of Showtime' Panel

Actors and creators behind four of Showtime's hit series -- "Dexter," "Californication," "Weeds" and "Nurse Jackie" -- appeared at Comic-Con International to talk about the appeal of their shows' anti-heroes, and what viewers can expect from the upcoming seasons.