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John Allison's "Bad Machinery"

Longtime web cartoonist John Allison talks about ending his long-running strip "Scary Go Round" and his new ongoing project "Bad Machinery," featuring the unusual adventures of schoolchildren and footballers.

Allie on "MySpace Dark Horse Presents"

Dark Horse's web comics platform is over two years old, and the fourth trade paperback hit stores in December. CBR spoke with Scott Allie to discuss "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" and show an exclusive first look at a new strip.

This week the return to the valley of the shadow of long form online comics; 1000 reviews in 1000 days; TV chatter, Wonder Woman, political updates and more in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

The new way for aspiring talent to prep for San Diego; delving into webcomics; 1000 reviews in 1000 days; and tons of notes, including hands in the sky, Classics Illustrated, what I share with Orson Welles, the Comics Cover Challenge and more.