war heroes

Universal Drafts War Heroes

Universal Pictures is in negotiations to pick up War Heroes, based on the Image Comics miniseries by Mark Millar and Tony Harris. Doctor Strange screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer are in talks to pen the script.

The Late List: Counting Comics No Shows

From "All-Star Batman" to "The Twelve," CBR runs down 15 of the most rampant late comics NOT on store shelves today to find out how long they've been late, what's taking so long and when to expect them to finally ship.

Tony Harris Kickstarts "ROUNDEYE: For Love"

"Ex Machina" and "War Heroes" artist Tony Harris spoke with CBR News on how he took his labor of love adventure comic from a fully self-published project to an IDW serial through the use of Kickstarter.

War Heroes Optioned for Film Adaptation

Mark Millar and Tony Harris' creator-owned Image Comics miniseries "War Heroes" has been optioned for motion picture development by producer Steve DeLuca, who oversaw films including "21" and "Seven."

CBR TV 2008: Mark Millar & Tony Harris, Part II

In this final installment of CBR TV's interview with "War Heroes" creators Mark Millar & Tony Harris, the pair discuss Stan Lee's influence on the project, its cast of characters, and update fans on Millar's movie projects.

CBR TV 2008: Mark Millar & Tony Harris, Part I

In support of their creator-owned Image miniseries "War Heroes," creators Mark Millar & Tony Harris undertook an exhaustive tour of the United States, stopping in Hollywood to sit down with CBR for an on-camera interview.

Image Comics On Sale September 17, 2008

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including an exclusive preview of "War Heroes" #2 by Mark Millar and Tony Harris, plus peaks at " "Dead Space" and "Gødland."

It's a Millar, Millar, Millar World

When he's not making movies with Brangelina, he's busy plotting and planning his hotly rumored reboot of the Superman film franchise. Mark Millar talks to CBR about turning Hollywood into Millarworld.

Word on what happened with Shooter's "Legion," non-Swipe File and Swipe File items, "War Heroes" updates and plenty more in this week's edition of Rich Johnston's LYING IN THE GUTTERS.