Mark Millar on Making Movies

The best-selling comic author Mark Millar describes what his working life entails in the wake of Hollywood successes, teases his upcoming comic books, and makes "Kick-Ass" music.

Producer Talks Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Associate Producer Nick Torchia talks to CBR News about "Wanted: Weapons of Fate," the new video game sequel to the hit film also re-incorporates elements of Mark Millar and J.G. Jones' best-selling graphic novel.

WEEK OF TOP COW: Matt Hawkins

In this final edition, Top Cow President Matt Hawkins speaks extremely candidly about the Cow's history as a business, past associates, and the company's endeavors in film, video games and other media.

It's a Millar, Millar, Millar World

When he's not making movies with Brangelina, he's busy plotting and planning his hotly rumored reboot of the Superman film franchise. Mark Millar talks to CBR about turning Hollywood into Millarworld.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: JG Jones

"Final Crisis" illustrator JG Jones stopped by the CBR Yacht at to discuss the success of "Wanted" and the possibility of a comic book sequel, as well as working with Millar, Morrison, Pacheco, and the graphic novel he'll write himself.

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