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Marvel & Disney: A Done Deal

This morning, the two entertainment titans completed the process of merging in New York City with a stock holder vote, changing the face of comics for 2010 and the foreseeable future.

Roy E. Disney, Dead at 79

The nephew of Walt Disney and a powerful force in the Disney company lost a battle to cancer, perhaps ending the family-controlled aspect of one of the world's most powerful entertainment companies.

Marvel & Disney Set Merger Date

The stockholder vote to finalize the proposed $4 billion deal between the media giants has been scheduled to take place by the end of the year, with the expected result making the House of Ideas a part of the House of Mouse.

You all know comics retailer Brian Hibbs isn't once to mince words. Well, today Hibbs shares his thoughts and opinions on the Marvel/Disney sale in an open letter to the Walt Disney Company.