Whatever Happened To Cinema's Love Affair With Labor?

Movies have lost touch with the working man. It's easy to see why: People go to the movies to escape, after all, and the adventures of regular people in regular jobs just doesn't offer the kind of bang for our buck that we'd be looking for. But still, considering it's Labor Day and all, surely I'm not the only one feeling that we could do with some more Blue Collar Heroes.

BOOM! Studios Titles On Sale June 16, 2010

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale June 16, including "Darkwing Duck" #1, "Do Androids Dream" #11, "Pale Horse" #1, and Shannon Wheeler's "I Thought You Would Be Funnier!"

Morgan Luthi Draws "Wall-E"

The latest offering from BOOM! Studios' Disney/Pixar line of titles, "Wall-E" #0 is in stores now. CBR News speaks with artist Morgan Luthi about the largely-silent comic starring the amazingly expressive little robot.

LBCC: BOOM! Studios Spotlight Panel

BOOM! Studios officials were on hand at the Long Beach Comic Con to discuss all of their new original series, Don Rosa's Duck stories being collected, the big Disney/Marvel question, and plenty more.

J. Torres Talks "WALL-E" at BOOM!

The first arc of BOOM!'s recently announced "WALL-E" ongoing series will be by the creative team of J. Torres and Morgan Luthi, with issue #1 on sale in November. CBR News spoke with Torres about the project.

In this week's PIPELINE, Augie talks about what "Wall-E" can teach us about comics and what makes it unique in the Pixar pantheon. Plus, Rob Liefeld's original "Youngblood" story is back, rescripted. What does Joe Casey add?