WC11: V Invades San Francisco

Stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum reveal their hopes for a third season of V, while Mitchell explains why Juliet returned for the Lost finale.

WC11: V Panel

Executive producer/writer Scott Rosenbaum and stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer talked with fans at WonderCon about the future of the ABC sci-fi drama.

Recap | V, 'Red Rain'

The opening hour of V's second season is filled with intriguing sci-fi concepts, brutal acts of violence and a healthy dose of sex to boot. An unbalanced episode, it nonetheless sets up an intriguing premise for future episodes. Check out our spoiler-filled recap of the episode past the jump.

Interview | Taking Measure Of V

V actor Charles Measure spoke with Spinoff Online about his portrayal of hired assassin Kyle Hobbes, his character's evolution from cutthroat mercenary to impassioned soldier and what he expects to see in season two.

Interview | Scott Wolf Reports On V's Chad Decker

The former Party of Five actor spoke with Spinoff Online about starring on V as morally ambiguous broadcast journalist Chad Decker, his continually conflicted relationship with both the alien invaders and the resistance fighters of the Fifth Column, and his hopes for season two.

V Season Two Trimmed To Ten Episodes

The Visitors are still coming -- they're just coming a little bit later than previously hoped. And when they come back, they will be fewer in number, as ABC have decided to trim their second season order of V from 13 to 10 episodes.

V Makes Return Visit On Jan. 4

ABC announced today that the second season of its sci-fi remake V will premiere on Jan. 4, following No Ordinary Family. That's about two months later than its expected November return.

V's May Baby Will Be A Surprise

ABC's retooled V may be ripping off one of the iconic storylines of the original show, but this time, they're playing down the science fiction. Just to make my head explode.

Human Target Could Survive (But So Could Heroes)

A handful of network genre series, such as Fox's Fringe and The CW's Smallville, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, have already been renewed, and Fox's Human Target seems likely to live to see fall. But as the May upfront presentations draw closer, the futures of other shows aren't as clear.

CCI: "V"

Terrorist aliens, fighting priests, crime scene investigations, and a mysterious sleeper cell all figure into the re-imagining of the groundbreaking "V" miniseries, 25 years after the original freaked kids out worldwide.