Joss Whedon: Twilight, Buffy & Beyond, Part II

With Twilight's identity out of the bag and into the hands of fans, the creator of Buffy and Angel revealed to CBR what it all means for the impending season finale before teasing at what's in store for "Buffy Season 9."

The Buffy/Angel Continuity Conundrum

"Angel" writer Bill Willingham responds to last week's big Twilight-related news insofar as it relates to his current work on the vampire hero's ongoing IDW series, as does "Buffy" editor Scott Allie.

Is Obama "Buffy's" Twilight?

Yesterday, we learned that "Buffy Season 8" villain Twilight's identity would be revealed in issue #33. Later, a cover image identifying Twilight as President Obama surfaced. We spoke with editor Scott Allie for the real story.

CCI: Summit Entertainment Panel

"Astro Boy" and "Sorority Row" were just some of the offerings from Summit Entertainment but it was the cast of Twilight that fans camped outside for over a day to see.

CCI Post-Game with David Glanzer

The Comic-Con marketing and PR chief gives CBR News the rundown on how the San Diego show dealt with ticket sell outs to "Twilight" fandemonium to the future of the show.

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