TV Debuts

5 May TV Debuts We Can't Wait to Watch

The beginning of May means the beginning of the summer season for television, where new shows are … not exactly the greatest, unless you like docu-soaps (The CW definitely has you covered, with both Breaking Pointe and The Catalina) or reality contests (both DesignStar on HGTV and The Next Food Network Star are back this month). That said, this month has some worthwhile debuts -- including a show I've waited a long time to see back on our screens.

5 February TV Debuts We Can't Wait To Watch

What's that, you say? February is when television networks get a little lazy, because everything is in midseason and moving along quietly apart from the Superbowl? Hardly; here are five shows that you might want to tune into as they make their (re)appearances this month.

5 October TV Debuts We Can't Wait To Watch

We're late! October is already a week old, meaning we've already missed pointing out one of the five best shows to premiere this month! Lucky, there are four more that we want to draw your attention to... including the return of a show you've waited almost a year for, and another return which has had you waiting so much longer...