transformers: dark of the moon

The Future of Movies? Robotic

Last weekend's most successful movie in American theaters? Real Steel. Transformers: Dark of the Moon now the fourth most successful movie of all time? There's only one thing we can take from these seemingly-freak occurrences: America loves robots. Maybe the movie industry should capitalize on this newfound fad.

Will Audiences Believe That Transformers 3 Is Better Than The Second?

If rumors - not to mention anonymous sources talking to various industry news sites, which should probably cast some doubt on the veracity of the rumors right there - are to be believed, the real reason that Paramount moved the release date of the new Transformers movie is because it's just so damn good that the world deserves to see it a few days early. The only problem is, after the mess that was the last Transformers movie, will audiences believe that, even if it is the truth?

First Transformers 3 Clip Lacks Any Actual Robots In Disguise

Unless, of course, you count Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who's as mechanical as any Autobot in this brief scene with Shia LaBeouf and Patrick Dempsey from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the final installment of director Michael Bay's action franchise. The movie opens in 3D on July 1.

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