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TOYING AROUND: DC Comics & Star Wars!

DC's stable of superheroes and everyone's favorite galaxy from far, far away inspired all kinds of toy and statue reveals this week. Dive into the latest edition of TOYING AROUND!

TOYING AROUND: Classics Revisited

Batman, Hulk, Iron Man, Frankenstein and Godzilla all get new statues and action figures based on their long histories of greatness! Plus a little bit of the new to mix things up!

TOYING AROUND: Ladies Night!

DC's Black And White Harley Quinn statue, Kotobukiya's Supergirl piece, Tomb Raider Minimates, a vinyl Maggie Simpson toy and a Daenerys action figure highlight this week's leading lady edition of TOYING AROUND.

TOYING AROUND: A Bad Guy Bonanza

Marvel's Red Skull, "Portal's" Sunburst Aperture Sentry Turret, Star Wars' General Grievous and a duo of classic 8-bit killers assault the spotlight in this week's edition of TOYING AROUND!

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