tony moore

After a harrowing marathon session with Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead" (from which he barely escaped with his life), Tim can't help but explore death, hope, and the "Zombie Landscape" in this week's When Words Collide.

Remender Takes "Fear Agent" to 25

As Dark Horse's fan-favorite "Fear Agent" series approaches its landmark 25th issue, writer Rick Remender talks to CBR News about the sci-fi adventure about a gritty, alcoholic alien exterminator, xenocide, and fear itself.

DO NOT READ THIS PREVIEW: Crawl Space XXXombies #4

Believe us when we tell you not to read this preview of "Crawl Space XXXombies" #4 by Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer & Tony Moore (on sale now!), for it is perverted and terrible and will definitely offend you. Repeat: DO NOT READ THIS.

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