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Duggan and Moore Inaugurate "Deadpool"

Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Tony Moore discuss their plans for Deadpool's assault on undead presidents in the upcoming "Deadpool" relaunch for Marvel NOW! in a special press conference call.

FAN EXPO: The Marvel NOW! Panel

Marvel Comics brought its Marvel NOW! news to Fan Expo Canada, explaining how it spins out of the events of AvX and what fans should expect from the new creative teams on "Avengers," "FF," "Deadpool" and "All-New X-Men."

The Middle Ground #116 | All's for the best in the best of all possible worlds

You know that you've become too cynical about comics when, reading Brian K. Vaughan talk about Saga, it feels like a surprise to see him mention a 50/50 split of royalties with artist Fiona Staples. Or, to put it another way, you know that you've become too cynical about comics when Tony Moore upgrades his legal battle against Robert Kirkman, and your first thought is, "Well, sure. Of course."

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