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ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Incredible Hulks" #635

Marvel has released an advance look at "Incredible Hulks" #635, the final issue of the series. Written by Grewg Pak with art by Paul Pelletier and Tom Grummet, Hulks smash once more on August 31.

Van Lente Assembles The "Dead Avengers"

CBR News spoke with Fred Van Lente about his and artist Tom Grummett's "Chaos War: Dead Avengers" miniseries, which characters will be returning and how it ties into Marvel's upcoming "Chaos War" event.

X-POSITION: Chris Claremont

The writer of "X-Men Forever 2" and the upcoming "New Mutants Forever" answers reader questions about the fates, good or ill, of Chris Claremont's alternate take on the X-Men Universe. Plus, exclusive art!

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