titan comics

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1

Series creator Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson send Tank Girl and her intrepid crew on a ball-busting adventure to replace her "stolen" tank in "Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank" #1.

Penny Dreadful #1

Vanessa, Sir Malcolm Murray and Sembene try to rescue Mina from the Master in Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Andrew Hinderaker, Chris King and Louie de Martinis' "Penny Dreadful" #1.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

In Cavan Scott and Adriana Melo's "Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor" #1, the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack receive a troubling transmission and their investigation leads them to a very familiar celebrity.

Independence Day #1

Taking place during the finale of the first movie, "Independence Day" #1 by Victor Gischler, Steve Scott and Rodney Ramos whets fans' appetites with spaceships and explosions rather than its characters.

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