tim seeley

Deadpool #7

Deadpool takes readers on a whirlwind tour of his life in Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish's "Deadpool" #7.

Grayson #16

In Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin's "Grayson" #16, Dick and Tony go rogue and partner up to take out Spyral's other agents with hilarious results.

Grayson #13

Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin kick off year two of Dick Grayson's struggles inside Spyral with new and familiar faces in "Grayson" #13.

Batman and Robin Eternal #3

Tim Seeley throttles back the pace of James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder's story, but excellent and realistic art by Paul Pelletier and company make "Batman and Robin Eternal" #3 nice to look at when there isn't a lot going on.

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