tilting at windmills

In the latest edition of TILTING AT WINDMILLS, Brian Hibbs poses the question "Are publishers trying to kill the periodical comic?" and offers up examples of why it's worth asking in light of modern market realities.

The time has arrived for the annual TILTING AT WINDMILLS analysis of the sales numbers for 2009 graphic novels in the bookstore market, and this year, Brian Hibbs looks at them in more depth than ever before.

Brian Hibbs is back with a new TILTING that takes a look at comic pundit prognosticating about the coming year, physical comics versus their digital counterparts and Marvel's recent DC Comics "Blackest Night" return promotion.

Brian Hibbs returns this month and explains not only why the comic book industry is as healthy as it ever was, if not healthier, but also why the Original Graphic Novel may not necessarily be the end-all be-all comic book format of the future.

Brian Hibbs takes a look at Diamond Distributors and finds that, while he wouldn't call the comic book wholesaler blameless, the problems faced by today's retailers aren't solely due to the distributor's monopoly status.

Brian Hibbs looks back at what Paul Levitz has meant to the Direct Market over the last few decades, and what his exit from DC's executive branch may mean, not only for DC Comics, but for the entire comic book publishing industry.

This month, Brian takes a good look at the direct market, measures the pros and cons of the non-returnability aspect of it's set-up and explains why, in his mind, there's very little reason for retailers to want that to change.

What do Neil Gaiman, Tyrese Gibson, social networking and guerilla marketing have to do with each other? Quite a bit, it turns out, as Brian Hibbs illustrates in Tilting at Windmills latest cautionary tale.

"Captain America" #600's big release has come and gone, and fans have been debating the issue heavily all week, but what was the end result for the retailers? Brian Hibbs is back with his analysis of the event from the front lines.

This month, Brian Hibbs takes an in depth look into the whole "Wolverine" #73 before #72 controversy and whether or not it had the intended results for his store. Plus, Free Comic Book Day and how to make it even better.

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