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The Two-Store Kid

Brian Hibbs is now the owner of a second store, and he breaks down the how and why, as well as the many challenges new stores face.

The Bucket Theory

This month Brian Hibbs gives some final thoughts on DC's Villains Month and the problematic theory that envisions potential comic book readers as water in buckets.

Pruning the Stock

This month Brian Hibbs tackles the tricky subject of how to get rid of overstocked books, analyzing the many factors that lead to books not selling and how he stocks his store.

Cover Follies

This Brian Hibbs tackles the topic of cover design, both in terms of artistic value and how bad -- or good -- design ultimately impacts sales on the racks of comic book stores.

True Villainy

This month Brian Hibbs examines what the habits and desires of comic buyers, the role of sincerity in new comics and the potential pitfalls of DC Comics' upcoming linewide Villains Month event.

Format Matters

Brian Hibbs examines the miniseries and why exactly he hates it as a retailer, as well as why it makes more sense to put his faith in ordering ongoing titles with backlist potential.

Laughing at Sunshine

Brian Hibbs returns from a brief hiatus and finds a lot to like about the comics industry -- thriving print sales, being inspired by the annual ComicsPRO meeting and more!

Dissecting the 2012 BookScan Numbers

Brian Hibbs returns with TILTING AT WINDMILLS' annual analysis of the 2012 sales numbers for graphic novels in the bookstore market, discovering a few surprises in the process.

Marvel NOW! and Later

With three months worth of data under his belt, Brian Hibbs weighs in on the initial success of the Marvel NOW! initiative, looking at its strengths and potential weaknesses through the prism of DC's New 52 reboot.

Corporate Comics Blues

This month, Brian Hibbs reflects on November's surprising news from DC Comics regarding its digital publication schedule and what it means for him - and the rest of the comics retail industry - moving forward.

How Low Can We Go?

Brian Hibbs returns with a look at Marvel and DC Comics' lower-selling titles, weighing the likelihood of them losing money on a monthly basis rather than earning and asking why they continue to exist.

The Heinous Growth of Variants

In light of a recent debate amongst retailers, Brian Hibbs tackles the touchy subject of variant covers -- and how publishers, retailers and readers are all complicit in their growth.

DC's New 52 - One Year Later

Almost a year in, Brian Hibbs examines the sales impact of DC Comics' New 52 -- not just on DC's titles, but the entire comics market as a whole -- and likes what he sees.

What's Happening with Marvel NOW!?

Brian Hibbs looks at everything we know about Marvel NOW! at this point and while he has high hopes for it, he finds himself having difficulty finding a hook to sell his customers on the publisher's post-AvX reboot.

"The Walking Dead" Shuffles On

Bran Hibbs returns to express his delight at the continuing and growing success of Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" and explains why the hit zombie Image Comics title is the model he hopes more creators will follow.

FCBD 2012

In his latest column, Brian Hibbs looks at his store's record breaking Free Comic Book Day, the new DC Entertainment regime, Diamond miscues, and digital storefronts

Shotguns Versus Sniper Rifles

Brian Hibbs reflects on the reality of digital comics as opposed to what publishers and stores thought they would mean to the industry, and how to harness them to help increase the overall comics market.

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