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Looking at BookScan: 2015

This month Brian Hibbs dives deep -- really deep -- into 2015 BookScan numbers, tracking comic sales and trends for the bookstore market.

Trouble on the Horizon?

Brian Hibbs examines what's going on with the fourth quarter crash the comic book market is experiencing right now, and how will it impact 2016.

Communication & Momentum

Brian Hibbs looks at the art of pitching projects to retailers, how it affects everyone's bottom line, and All-New, All-Different Marvel Week 3.

In the Dark (Knight)

This month, Brian Hibbs examines his approach to DC Comics' "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" and the promise and peril of Local Comic Shop Day.

Chaos in the Multiverse

Brian Hibbs look at the order challenges for "Convergence" and "Secret Wars" and why both happening at the same time is a risk for the market.

Too Much Competition

This month Brian Hibbs examines the problem with too many titles being produced from the perspective of consumer behavior and how retailers order.

Successful Signings

This month, Brian Hibbs explains the proper way to organize signings, with examples from his recent "Saga" HC event with Brian K. Vaughan.

The Force-Fed Market

This month Brian Hibbs looks at the many problems facing the Direct Market, including how some publishers are making it more difficult for retailers.

Another Penny Drops

Brian Hibbs talks about the art of ordering comics, how costs come into play and how the most worthless coin -- the penny -- is kind of worthless.

Reaching the Summit

Brian Hibbs offers his takeaways from the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas and gives his thoughts on Bob Wayne leaving DC Comics.

The Empire Strikes Back

Brian Hibbs weighs in on Amazon's purchase of comiXology and what the potential ramifications are for the future of printed comics.

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