All Those Wonderful Toys (Well, Their Commercials)

Perhaps it's a longing for simpler times - or maybe it's that I wasn't raised in the US and so missed out on these the first time around - but I've become obsessed with old-school television commercials for toys recently: Transformers! He-Man! Super Powers! Each one was sold separately, but seemed to promise so much happiness, it's almost painful to watch.

Easton Enforces "Shadowlaw"

Creator Brandon Easton spoke with CBR News about "Shadowlaw," his creator-owned graphic novel of political intrigue, mechs and monsters and his experience writing for Cartoon Network's "Thundercats" reboot.

CCI | ThunderCats Cast, Crew Roar

The cast and crew of ThunderCats, including the original voice of Lion-O Larry Kenney, talked at Comic-con International about reimagining the animated series and living up to the original.

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