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Thomas Jane Really, Really Likes 3D

In case you've been worried that there's not going to be enough 3D content in movies (and television) over the next few years, actor and producer Thomas Jane has your back. Although, sadly for some, his HBO show Hung won't be in that third dimension just yet.

Thomas Jane Intends To Appear In The Walking Dead

AMC's TV series adaptation of The Walking Dead has reportedly already been cleared for a second season, which means there should be lots of episode opportunities ahead for producer/director Frank Darabont to work in a part for his friend and former Mist collaborator Thomas Jane. Jane, meanwhile, is adamant that he wants to get on the show at AMC's earliest convenience.

CCI: RAW Studios Panel

Actor Thomas Jane and artist Tim Bradstreet announced the relaunch of long defunct Pacific anthology "Alien Worlds" and horror anthology "Twisted Tales" in addition to other RAW Studios news.

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