the walking dead

First Look at "The Walking Dead" Cast

The first photo of "The Walking Dead" cast has appeared on the Internet. The AMC series, starting Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, will air in October. The show will also have a strong presence at CCI next week.

Breaking Bad Director To Join The Walking Dead?

More news about the television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead has leaked out, and it continues to be good. Wondering who'll be joining Frank Darabont as a director on the series? Look no further than another show on the same network, AMC.

How Fast Can A Zombie Run, Anyway?

The forces of the undead have moved at various speeds throughout the history of zombie cinema, from slow crawls to full-on sprints. How fast are the zombies of The Walking Dead going to be? Well, Frank Darabont has an answer to that question!

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