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The Middle Ground #63 | Stan Lee Presents

Believe it or not, there's not enough time in the day to read all the comics I want. I wish that wasn't the case, believe me, but it is; sometimes, it's so bad that there's not enough time to even get to the store on a given week, which generally leads to me forgetting that things have come out, and missing an issue, which leads me to miss another issue, and all of a sudden I'm miles behind and deciding to wait for the collection. Which is to say: I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to realize how great Boom!'s Stan Lee line is.

BOOM! Studios Titles On Sale June 22, 2011

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with advance looks at new titles on sale June 22, including "Stan Lee's The Traveler" #8, "Dracula: The Company of Monsters" #10, "Ducktales" #2, "Planet of the Apes" #3, and more!

Waid Spins "The Traveler's" Mysteries

Writer Mark Waid shared his thoughts on mysteries and humor as well as suggesting scientific catchwords to watch in "Stan Lee's The Traveler," the BOOM! Studios superhero epic releasing its fourth issue this week.

Waid Walks a Mile with "The Traveler"

"The Traveler," the second series in Stan Lee's new superhero universe, debuts this week from BOOM! Studios. CBR spoke with writer Mark Waid about those who travel through time and those who simply play with it.

NYCC: Stan Lee at BOOM! Studios

Stan Lee and BOOM! Studios' Ross Richie and Mark Waid discussed the three new superhero comic series coming from BOOM! and Lee's POW! Entertainment during a packed NYCC panel.