The Office

Is Kenny Powers Invading The Office?

With reports of Steve Carell's departure from The Office officially confirmed, many are wondering who NBC will tap to replace the outgoing comedian. It now appears that two front-runners have emerged: Danny McBride and Rhys Darby.

Amy Ryan Returns To The Office

It's Steve Carell's last season on The Office, so surely Amy Ryan can't be too far behind, right? Turns out she's not far behind at all, as Ryan has booked a return trip to Dunder-Mifflin's Scranton branch for eight new episodes in the coming seventh season.

Carell To Quit The Office?

Steve Carell has announced that he doesn't plan to continue with The Office past its seventh season. Cue nervous counteroffers being prepared in NBC boardrooms.

CCI: "The Office" Writers Panel

"The Office" panel at CCI revealed the show's scripting and improvisation process, hints at the upcoming season, and answers the burning question: How Would Dwight react to a robot invasion?

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