The Office

Emmy Awards as They Should Be

With the nomination deadline fast approaching for the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards, Spinoff's Anna Pinkert thinks it's time for an overhaul and suggests some new categories (and potential winners) that might better reflect the TV-watching experience.

5 September TV Returns We Can't Wait to Watch

It's been a long summer, but September is almost here - and with it, the start of the new fall season of television. New shows! Old favorites! They're all here, which means that we're cheating with the regular recommendations of five shows to keep an eye out for this time. Today, we're giving you five season premieres of returning shows to tune into, and on Saturday, five all-new shows you might want to check out. Let's revisit some old friends first, shall we?

Office Spinoff Adds Two Actors

NBC's planned Office spinoff The Farm has cast veteran actor Tom Bower as Dwight Schrute's great-uncle Heinrich and Breaking Bad alum Matt Jones as cousin Zeke.

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