the guild

LBCC: Felicia Day Forms "The Guild"

Felicia Day & the cast of her popular web series "The Guild" spoke at Long Beach Comic Con about a possible season six, the essence of Wil Wheaton's walk, and the show's most ambitious season yet.

ECCC: "The Guild" Panel

A raucous hour of questions and answers with cast members from the hit webseries "The Guild" saw ECCC attendees learn about the inner workings of the show, the latest comic series and the future of independent media.

ECCC: Ron Chan Draws "The Guild: Clara"

At Emerald City Comicon, Dark Horse announced that "Supersized" artist Ron Chan will be illustrating "The Guild: Clara," the third in a series of one-shots focused on Felicia Day's cast of notorious gamers.

CBR TV 2010: Felicia Day on "The Guild"

Earlier this year, Felicia Day stopped by CBR TV to talk about "The Guild," her nervousness over the release of the Dark Horse comic, her struggles when writing the comic and much more.

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