the great ten

The new year starts off on a good note this week with comics that feature immortal spies, old friends who burned bridges, Chinese fisticism, noirish private detection, the redemption of a hero and the flat-out brilliance of "Dingo."

It's good times this week as literary espionage meets culture clashes, a web-novel comes to comics and bullet casings fly, while Amazonian princesses go too far, Alpha One can't find a dancing partner and much "meh" manifests in between.

Another winning week has come and... well, it's still here. The Red Invasion's too good to resist, even stories have spies, Deadshot intimidates, Parker Robbins inspires and only Kal-El and Steve Rogers screw up at all.

Bringing "R.E.B.E.L.S." To The Masses

Tony Bedard has been unleashing an epic battle in the opening story arc of the critically acclaimed "R.E.B.E.L.S.," and an upcoming crossover with "Blackest Night" should expose the title to a much wider audience.

Zen & The Art of DC's "The Great Ten"

Writer of the critical hit "R.E.B.E.L.S.", Tony Bedard is set to unleash "The Great Ten" on the DC Universe with a 10-part miniseries drawn by Scott McDaniel. CBR spoke with the writer about China's high-powered team of super-functionaries.